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Infamous Evolution Hoaxes

A few "atheist scientists" have fraudulently deceived the world by representing fake and falsified evidence as to be authentic finds.  Below are a few examples of the most famous, and most damaging cases.

Falsified Dates on Many "Stone Age"

Reiner Protsch von Zieten was a professor of anthropology at Frankfurt University for 30 years.  He was forced to resign, when it was found that he falsified dates on many "stone age" fossils.  A university committee revealed that throughout his career Protsch had plagiarized the work of colleagues and had systematically falsified dates on numerous "stone age" fossils, including a skull fragment - dubbed Hahnhöfersand Man - that allegedly linked humans and Neanderthals.  The scientific fraud only came to light when he was caught attempting to sell his department's complete chimpanzee skull collection to the United States.  An investigation later established that he had also passed off fake fossils as genuine ones.

Stone Age Hoax - Discoveries of Shinichi Fujimura

Between the year 1981 - 2000, Shinichi Fujimura was the most successful Archeologist in Japan.  School children were taught about Fujimura's finds, and textbooks contained photographs of Stone Age artifacts discovered by him.  Fujimura worked on over 150 archaeological projects around Japan, and he found artifacts, that were estimated to be 40,000 years to 600,000 years old.

On November 5, 2000, the newspaper "Mainichi Shimbun" published pictures of Fujimura digging holes and burying the artifacts his team later found. Fujimura admitted his forgery.  A special investigation team revealed that almost all the artifacts which he had found were Fujimura's fabrication.

Fake Dinosaur-bird ancestor - Archaeoraptor Liaoningensis

Facts: the finding:

head from a primitive fossil bird,

tail from a dinosaur

the legs and feet from an unknown animal

In 1999 a Chinese farmer glued together the fragments, to get the appearance as a combination of bird and theropod dinosaur.  The fraud was discovered a few months later.

The evolutionary story:

The turkey-sized animal, is a true missing link in the complex chain that connects dinosaurs to birds that could actually fly.  (National Geographic Magazine November 1999 issue).

Nebraska Man

Facts: the archeological finds:
Only one single tooth! 

The tooth was discovered in Nebraska, and grew an entire evolutionary link between man and ape in 1922.  In 1926 the other parts of the skeleton was found, which made clear that, the tooth belonged to a peccary (extinct wild pig).

The evolutionary story:

Nebraska Man and his wife as imagined by an artist, Amedee Forestier, that was published in many scientific magazines.

Piltdown Man

Facts: the finding:

An old looking skull, halfway between man and beast

The skull belonged to an 19th century modern man.  It had been stained and "aged" with salt, and altered to fit with the orangutan jaw, as if it would belong to the same person.
In 1953, 41 years later a careful examination revealed that, the Piltdown Man is a forgery.

The evolutionary story:

The Piltdown man was accepted as the missing link between apes and humans.  There was thousands of articles and books about it, including 500 doctoral dissertations! 

Java Man
Facts: the finding:
A skullcap, three teeth and a femur

The Java Man Initially discovered in 1891, all that was found a skullcap, three teeth and a femur. The femur was found 50 feet away from the original skullcap a full year later.

The evolutionary story:

The Java Man is the evolutionary transitional form between apes and humans. Named after Java island where it was discovered in Indonesia, what is now called Homo erectus.  It the evidence that first convinced many people that humans evolved from apes.

Haekel’s Faked Embryonic Drawings (Created in 1860)


In 1860 Ernst Haekel (biologist) drew pictures of embryos of  fish, chicken, pig and human. In the pictures, there was remarkable similarity among the different animals.
A few years later his drawings were shown to have been fabricated, and the data manufactured. He blamed the artist for the discrepancies, without admitting that he was the artist.

The evolutionary story:

"The Evolution of the Cell", is an evidence, human developed from a lower life forms.
The embryonic recapitulation shows that, the human fetus goes through various stages of its evolutionary history as it develops



Accurate  Pictures and Drawings of the Embryos

Photomicrographs Pictures taken in 1996

Drawings of Embryos





Left side:  These photographs are absolutely accurate and have been taken at similar stages of development.  Pictures copied from website: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/odyssey/clips

Right side: These photographs are the accurate drawings of the embryos made from the detailed photomicrographs www.millerandlevine.com/km/evol/embryos/Haeckel.html

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Science and Creation

Famous Evolution Hoaxes

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